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Changeling the Lost - Seemings by Sekele Changeling the Lost - Seemings by Sekele
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Probably the biggest change between versions. In the old World of Darkness, Changelings were fairies who ended-up stuck in the human world. In the new version, they are humans who were abducted into Arcadia and altered by the Fae. They fled back into their own world, only to find out that they were replaced by fakes (Fetches) created by the Fae, and that they themselves have changed too much to be able to live among humans again. They now wield small fragments of Fae powers, and they are going to need them in order to survive the threats of both worlds, as they are no longer welcome anywhere.

Depending on the manner in which they were altered, changelings fall into one of the six Seemings.

The 6 Seemings are:

These people were transformed by the Fae into animal-like forms, to be used as pets, game, cattle, hounds, steeds, beasts of burden, or guard dogs.
Upon returning to their own world, they found themselves with the power to copy the abilities of animals, creating magical traps, or even controlling nature itself.

These individuals were, for various reasons, infused with the very essence of darkness by the Fae.
They posses the ability to manipulate emotions and the darkness itself, but also the ability to talk with ghosts, or even opening portals into the underworld.

Probably the most extreme cases among the Changelings, as they were transformed into inanimate objects. They could have been decorations or furniture in the Fae's home. They could have been worn as clothes or jewelry. Used as tools or weapons. They could have even been a part of the scenery. The grass, trees and flowers. A river. The wind or the clouds. A storm. Even the sun, the moor, and he stars. They could have been the fire in a forge or the steam powering an engine.
Upon returning they tend to be very confused.
They posses the ability to control the elements or even nature itself.

Were taken by the Fae to become their lovers. They were made extremely beautiful, so beautiful that they no longer look human.
They are masters of manipulation and posses supernatural luck (bordering on reality bending).

Used as slaves for heavy labor, or as gladiators for their Fae master's amusement. Turned into monstrous hulklings.
They have the ability to greatly enhance their strength, endurance, and speed. They also posses the power to magically enforce oaths.

The most diverse of the Seemings. During their captivity they served as artisans, soldiers, butlers, cooks, kennel keepers, artists, doctors, and farmers. They are the closest to still being human.
They can magically repair, sabotage, or control items. They are also capable of very basic reality warping.

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