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The Sin-Eaters are an interesting bunch. They are a merge of human, ghost, and spirit, and each one of them started off as two people.
The first step is the creation of a Geist.
All Geists used to be regular ghosts, who chose to give-up their identity in exchange for power. The process turns them into death spirits, or to be exact, spirits representing the particular type of death they originally died of.
Like other spirits, Geists find themselves attracted to the mortal world.
That's where step two comes in.
A Geist can approach a ghost of a person who died of a similar cause as they represent (they prefer ghosts of the recently deceased, preferably those who were dead only for a few minutes, but in theory it can be ANY ghost), and offer them a contract in exchange for a second chance at life.
If the ghost agrees, the two bound, and then regenerate and revive the ghost's original body, which they then inhabit.
And so a Sin-Eater is born. At first glance identical to any living human, but with the additional powers of a ghost, and a spirit. In exchange for this, the Geist remains as a sort of "little devil on the shoulder," directing their host in ways that further their own agenda.
In addition to this, a Sin-Eater is essentially indestructible, as they just revive whenever they are killed (and it's incredibly hard to even do that.) It however comes with a catch. Whenever a Sin-Eater is revived, a random innocent human somewhere in the world dies in a horrific, painful way, and their last moments are the first thing the Sin-Eater experiences upon reviving. This experience causes a Sin-Eater's morality to drop. Shall they loose all of their morality, they become mindless beasts, at which point the Geist usually destroys them (as they are now useless to their cause), and goes to look for a new host.

There are five categories containing various causes of death, called Thresholds, which divide Geists and Sin-Eaters, and also decide what sort of spirit-powers they posses.

The 5 Thresholds are:

The Torn
Death by violence. People who died at the hand of another person, whether intentionally or not. Murder victims, killed in combat, executed, victims of manslaughter, you name it. They posses the power over emotions, especially extreme and violent ones, as well as the ability to control blood and other ghosts.

The Silent
Death by deprivation. Starved to death, suffocated, frozen to death, death by depression, etc. They have coldness based powers, as well as stealth and invisibility powers, and necromancy.

The Prey
Death by nature. Those that died as a result of natural disasters (landslides, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tsunamis, blizzards, or were simply struck by lightning), or were killed by animals. In exchange they can control animals, plants, as well as the soil and rocks.

The Stricken
Death by disease. Death due to infection (viral, bacterial, fungal), cancer, poisoning, organ failure, allergic reaction, or anything of the like. They hold power over moisture and liquids, and can cast hallucinations onto their targets.

The Forgotten
Death by bad luck. Those who died in freak accidents, ranging from having a taxidermy moose-head fall on them and brake their neck, to falling out of the window and getting impaled on the fence. They can mentally control inanimate objects, as well as cause spontaneous combustion.

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