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Hunter the Vigil - Cells, Compacts, Conspiracies by Sekele Hunter the Vigil - Cells, Compacts, Conspiracies by Sekele
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While in the classic World of Darkness Hunters were people given powers by God to wipe-out all supernaturals, the Hunters of the current incarnation are a bit more complicated.
The vast majority of hunters are like any other mortal human. With a few notable exceptions (detailed later), they usually don't posses any supernatural powers beyond the most basic psychic powers (accessible to ordinary humans as well).
The main difference between mortal humans and hunters is in their mind.
Mortal humans are all bound by a morality code, and are penalized for it's violation. The morality meter drops with each violation, and upon hitting 0 the character becomes unplayable.
Supernaturals, for all the things that distinguish them from mortals, are still sentient, feeling beings (who each have their own morality code they have to follow). Killing a vampire in self-defense is the same as killing a human under the same circumstances. Slaying one unprovoked counts as cold-blooded murder.
This does not apply to hunters however. A hunter's mind and soul are fully dedicated to their cause. The cause may differ between individual hunters and organisations, but the result is the same. A hunter can brake any part of the moral code without suffering penalties as long as they can justify it as being for the sake of their cause.
Torturing people for information, stealing weapons, accidentally killing bystanders while pursuing their target, all is allowed as long as it leads to the ultimate goal.
When the mission is not affected however, a hunter must obey the moral code just like everyone else.

Each hunter has a Profession, often derived from their civilian jobs, which represents what sort of skills they posses (Academic, Artist, Athlete, Cop, Criminal, Detective, Doctor, Engineer, Hacker, Hit-Man, Journalist, Laborer, Occultist, Professional, Religious Leader, Scientist, Socialite, Soldier, Technician, Vagrant, Outdoorsman)

Hunters form societies based of their world views, methods, and goals. These societies evolve through three tiers. At tier one they are merely a group or community of like-minded hunters. At tier two they become large organisations with their branches spread across the nation or even the world. At tier three they become so familiar with the supernatural that they start actively using it in their advantage, sometimes becoming supernatural themselves in the process.

A Tier 1 group of hunters is called a Cell. The size of a Cell may range from a pair of hunters, to an entire city's hunter community following a single goal.
A cell needs to be self-sufficient, as it has only it's own members to rely on.

Tier 2 organisations are called Compacts. They function on a national, or even international level, with the Compact having it's branches in various cities around the world.
Compacts usually don't have a centralized leadership, instead having a leader in every city, who are in contact with each other.
A hunter who's a member of a Compact has always the compact's resources to fall back on, and can call for re-enforcement shall the situation get too big for the local branch to handle.
The most notable Compacts are:

Ashwood Abbey
Founded in the late 19th century in Edinburgh and expending into the USA, the compact largely consists of "new money" millionaires who seek out the battle against the supernatural for the sake of the thrill. Generally stereotyped as a bunch of frat-boys and tabloid harlots to whom all the drugs, booze, and meaningless sex just weren't enough anymore, and sought for something more extreme.
They tend to be undisciplined and badly organised, most of their hunts consisting of using leads to find the supernatural's hide-out, and then bum-rush them armed with anything ranging from sports-equipment, to military-grade weapons bought of the black-market. The high death-rates of these raids only increases the adrenaline rush. More intelligent members tend to engage in complex social and political scheming against manipulative beings like vampires or wizards, not caring for any resulting gain but seeing their opponent broken and humiliated before delivering the final blow.
The compact also loves to indulge in the fruits of their labor. Snorting cocaine cut with vampire ashes (not that the ashes would have any exceptional properties, it's just fancier), drinking expensive red vines mixed with vampire blood (very popular, especially since vampire blood grants super-human strength and eternal youth), wear leather jackets made from the skin of demons, hoard magical artifacts and books they can't use, simply to show-off how many wizards they killed, and the holy grail of trophies - fur-coats made from werewolves.
Due to their notorious recklessness many of the members ended-up turned into vampires, possessed by spirits, or are now ghosts. They don't mind, it's just another new experience for them.

The Long Night
Believed to have their roots in the old American witch-hunts, but in reality founded during the 1970s with the rise of the christian right in the United States. Heavily rooted in the USA, the Compact has managed to establish footholds in South America and Africa, and is attempting to brake into Europe as well.
Built around radical Protestantism, the Long Night seeks to exterminate all enemies of God, whether they are supernaturals, people following other religious beliefs, or members of minorities - all are acceptable targets.
They tend to take on the forms of pitchfork-and-torches lynch-mobs, consisting on one fire-and-brimstone preacher leading the mob, and a small army of canon-fodder zealots doing the dirty work.

The Loyalists of Thule
Founded in Germany during the 19th century with the purpose of discovering the origins of human civilization through both scientific and occult means. Their researches ultimately lead them to the discovery of the Aryan culture. Their researches fell into the hands of the Nazi party, and the rest is history.
Nowadays the society is trying to clean their name from the association with Nazism, as well as continuing their research.
Having their branches spread all across the globe, they are more interested in gathering ancient mystical lore and artifacts from around the world than fighting the supernatural, but if they have to fight to get what they want, fight they will.
Most of them aren't experienced fighters, but their extensive knowledge of the supernatural gives them a huge advantage over their supernatural opponents. They also tend to systematically hunt-down and assassinate former Nazis as well as members of Neo-Nazi movements.

Network Zero
Born during the 1990s with the rise of the internet, founded by people from all over the world, Network Zero is following a single goal - expose the supernatural to the rest of the world.
The Compact members gather photographic and video evidence from all around the world, and post them on the internet for everyone to see. Of course, most people don't really believe the evidence, but to those who already saw something similar themselves, it is often enough to put two and two together. Not to mention that their posts are often a valuable source of information for other hunters.
Members of the Network Zero usually don't engage in combat, fighting only to defend themselves, and preferring escape to confrontation. They are known to frequently follow more combat-oriented hunters, and document their encounters from a safe distance. However groups of highly competent fighters are known to exist within the compact, known for bringing exclusive footage from the very heart of the battle.

Null Mysteriis
Founded in the late 19th century in France, it has spread across the entirety of Europe and North America, with footholds in Eastern Asia, and has currently a central meeting-place in London.
The group consists of members of the scientific, medical, and academic communities seeking to explore, analyze, and explain the supernatural through the scientific method.
After all, magic is just science that wasn't sufficiently explored yet.
Their methods include the gathering of mystical artifacts and capturing of supernatural creatures for research purposes, as well as expeditions into supernatural locations.

The Union
A Compact limited to the US boarders, the Union was founded in the late 1990s by blue-collar workers protecting their homes and families from the incursion of supernatural threats. Originally they were just Cells operating independently, guarding their neighborhoods, but with the rise of the internet they became organised, and now they have every single city and town in the USA under their watch. Thanks to several of the Compact's members having military background, it's members tend to be surprisingly well organised and trained (Even if only armed with light fire-arms and improvised melee weapons). When not fighting supernaturals, they spend time cleansing their neighborhoods or ordinary criminals as well, as the compact has proven quite effective against organised crime as well (not to mention assassinations of amoral corporate executives).

Barrett Comission
Introduced in the source-book "Night Stalkers."
A very subtle Compact operating within the boarders of the USA. Founded in the late 18th century after an investigation of the disappearance of federal government funds lead the investigating party of soldiers and bankers to the discovery of a powerful vampire living off-of stolen tax money.
Nowadays the Compact consists of a collection of tax collectors, lawyers, accountants, judges, managers, and even some politicians, the compacts serves protecting national finances from the supernatural. Investigating financial leaks and tax-evasions for leads to supernatural activity, bursting regular criminals along the way as well. The Compact mostly clashes with vampires and wizards, as they commonly infiltrate or outright take over corporations and offices in order to finance their schemes.
While the compact prefers to take down their opponents through legal means (once you take away their positions and finances, they are no longer an issue for national security), the members of the Commission are also prepared for face-to-face combat, each member carrying a Magnum or desert eagle loaded with silver bullets, and a wooden stake taped under their working table.

Maiden's Blood Sisterhood
Introduced in "Night Stalkers."
Founded in the 1950s in the USA as a "domestic defense force" for girls' boarding schools, seeing how many young vampires, eagerly embracing the old stereotypes, find themselves attracted to these places.
The Compact has since then expanded to Canada, The United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Japan, India, and Vietnam.
New members tend to be recruited from the ranks of students, and lead by teachers who joined the Compact at that age as well. The Compact contains a small number of male members as well, recruited from the school's staff (ranging from teachers and accountants to groundskeepers and chefs).
While the Compact was founded against vampires, it's members defend their schools and students against any supernatural or mundane threat that show's itself. They are also notable for being on rather friendly terms with the magi community (as long as they aren't causing any trouble that is).

Night Watch
Introduced in "Night Stalkers."
A loose alliance of pimps, drug-dealers, gang members, homeless people, as well as regular citizens forced to live in ghetto's, the Compact was founded during the 1970s in Canada, but was eventually driven out into the USA by the police (alto not before they wiped out the local vampire infestation), from where they spread into the UK, Ireland, South America, Eastern Europe, and East and Southeast Asia.
They work against supernaturals who are killing the business, or worse, taking over.

The Bear Lodge
Introduced in the source-book "Spirit Slayers."
Founded in 1901 in the USA by a group of big-game hunters, after finding out first hand that there are more dangerous predators out there than wolves, bears, and mountain lions. Since their founding they also managed to establish a foothold in Canada.
Members of the Bear Lodge hunt the supernatural out of sport. Unlike the thrill-seekers from Ashwood Abbey however, they have a strict moral code, and a much more professional approach.
Their favorite game includes werewolves, vampires, demons, as well as the more bizarre monstrosities the world has to offer, but sometimes they'd also go after regular serial killers, simply out of a sense of justice.

Illuminated Brotherhood
Introduced in "Spirit Slayers."
In the 1980s the US government preformed an experiment to explore the effects of drugs on religious experiences. Unknowingly, several of the test subjects were latent, or just recently awakened psychics. The combination of the drugs, psychic powers, and the ceremony tore open a hole into the spirit world, and everyone getting killed in the following incursion of rabid spirits. Almost everyone.
The handful of survivors grew to believe that they may have stumbled upon the truth about the origin of the universe, and decided to continue investigating. Recruiting new members on college campuses around the world, their continue their search, combining drugs and rituals with actual occult and paranormal research, the brotherhood hopes to uncover the true nature of the universe.
To the outside world, they just look like a bunch of stoners.

The Talbot Group
Introduced in "Spirit Slayers."
Founded in the early 1990s as a counseling group for families and troubled teenagers, and that's what they really do most of the time. They however also have programs for more... special cases.
The Compact's roots reach back to an incident in the early 80s, during which eight teenagers in Seattle turned inexplicably psychotic, and went on a three day long murderous rampage, after which they mysteriously vanished.
The basis of the Talbot Group began to form in an attempt to prevent incidents like this by providing professional counseling and therapy to the youths. In the late 80s, the to-be-founders of the group however came across the true nature of the incident, as the rages were revealed to be a side-effect of the youths' transformations into werewolves.
With the help of the native shamans, the group developed a program to keep the supernatural under the control.
Operating across the US and Canada, most of their supernatural cases involve the exorcising of individuals possessed by spirits, ghosts, demons, and worse entities, but then they tend to come across cases they can not fix, like one's transformation into a werewolf or a vampire. In these cases, they are at least trying to help the affected to control their rages and predator instincts, so that they may function as productive members of society.
Members of the Compact are pacifists, as they want to help the supernaturals instead of killing them. They are however trained in combat, mostly in order to be capable of restraining a supernaturally empowered individuals. Ironically, the situations during which the members of the Talbot Group find themselves in actual fight to the death, are usually against other, more ruthless hunters (frequent bloody clashes with the Ashwood Abbey and the Long Night, as well as mostly one-sided battles with the vastly overpowering Conspiracies).

Division Six
Introduced in the source-book "Witch Finders."
Founded on the 4th of July, 1976 in the US, to which's boarders they tend to limit their activities.
They are believed to be a part of a secret government agency known as "The Panopticon," who's mission is to protect the nation from "reality deviants" (supernatural creatures, but mostly magi), who are believed to de-stabilize reality simply by existing. They believe it themselves.
In reality, they are the private army of Mr. Jones, most likely a powerful mage (or something much worse), who uses the Compact to eliminate anyone who dares to oppose him (it).
In many ways, they resemble the Technocracy from the old World of Darkness.

Keepers of the Source
Introduced in "Witch Finders."
Founded in the early 1970s by a group of new-age mystics in San Francisco, who upon witnessing a mage casting a spell, and misinterpreting the sensation their psychic powers gave them in response, grew convinced that the use of magic drains the Earth's life-force.
At first they would only annoy the few mages they knew about, who would respond simply by ignoring them, or just moving away. At worst they were seen as obnoxious.
Things changed when a group confronted a pack of werewolves during a ritual (which caused their psychics the same sensation as wizard magic). The enraged werewolves responded by killing everyone.
In response, the Compact became increasingly radical, starting a guerrilla warfare against the magi and werewolves. They also aren't above plain-old Eco-terrorism, which frequently sets them up against vampires due to their involvement in big business.

The Promethean Brotherhood
Introduced in "Witch Finders."
Founded in England in the mid 19th century, a Compact that is currently only a few steps away from becoming a full-blown conspiracy.
Failing to understand that every single human on Earth has the potential to awaken and become a magi, the members of the Compact seek out to find ways to strip a mage of their powers and claim it for themselves, excusing themselves with argument that such power should belong to everyone instead just a chosen few.
And they may very well succeed at it. At the moment, the Compact has almost completely unlocked the secrets of the Ritual of Hecate, which upon the sacrifice of a mage, will temporarily grant one their powers.
With this potential of wielding actual supernatural power in their hands, the Compact's expansion across the world, and the rise of a new leader (Alexander Hite, descendant of the ritual's discoverer Jacob Hite) unifying all the branches and establishing Vienna as the center of their power, the Promethean Brotherhood may soon rise to Tier 3.

When a hunter organisation hits Tier 3, they become a Conspiracy.
Conspiracies work on a global level, having ties to politics and law-enforcement, as well as near inexhaustible resources. They are governed either by a single council, or have ties to an even higher forces.
The most noticeable thing about Conspiracies is their access to supernatural abilities. These may range from extremely advanced technology, to powerful magical items, to actual supernatural powers wielded by the hunters themselves. Some of these abilities go so far that the hunters essentially transcend humanity and become supernatural creatures themselves.
The Conspiracies are:

Aegis Kai Doru
Believing themselves to be the most ancient conspiracy in the world, the Aegis Kai Doru were founded during the last days of Troy in order to hide and protect the city's magical artifacts from the invading Greeks. The conspiracy's members however claim their origin to be even further in the world's ancient history, being the elite units in a long-forgotten, prehistoric, highly advanced civilization, that fell when the world got swallowed by the darkness, that turned it into the rotting hell-hole it is now. The Aegis Kai Doru are fighting ever since to cleanse the world of it's taint.
In the present day, the Conspiracy is mainly preoccupied with guarding, and seeking magical artifacts from all over the world, believing that one day they'll have enough power in their hands to destroy the darkness.
Their mission frequently pits them against werewolves and magi, due to their tendency to guard, or gather magical artifacts.
They also tend to carry their magical artifacts into battle, so the next time a group of hunters is swinging the Excalibur and the Spear of Longinus at you, you know you've been warned.

Ascending Ones
Originating in ancient Egypt, the Ascending Ones used to a the Pharaoh's special troops, trained for combat against supernatural threats. The unit would survive the Pharaohs and their old faith, embracing Islam along the way, but remaining fateful to their mission throughout the ages.
During the millennia, the Conspiracy mastered the secrets of alchemy, and became masters of potion brewing. They frequently use these potions to greatly enhance their physical and mental abilities in battle.
During the rise of trade in the middle east, they would also frequently sell their potions, along with non-magical drugs, in order to finance their battles. When drug-trade became illegal, the Ascending Ones adapted by taking on the form of crime-syndicates.
The Conspiracy holds most of it's power in the middle-east, in the western world, their members operate mostly in the form of gangs, engaging in drug-trade.

The Cheiron Group
Founded in 1904, the Cheiron Group is for the most part a legitimate European pharmaceutic company.
Less wholesome as some of their side-projects.
The company employs a well hidden "Field Project Division."
These are tasked with tracking and capturing supernatural creatures for the company's use.
The Cheiron Group seeks to unlock the secrets to supernatural abilities, especially their healing abilities, high resistance, and even immortality. The official motive is to help humanity, the real motive is profit.
The FDP members themselves also tend to serve as guinea pigs for the company, often under the premise of "field testing." The hunters undergo frequent surgeries, during which they get organs of supernatural beings implanted into their bodies. The most lucky ones find themselves wielding the powers of the supernatural creatures, and become the model for the standardized upgrade. The number of hunters upgraded this way is quickly rising.

The Lucifuge
The members of this Conspiracy are not fully human. Each single one of them is a descendant of Lucifer himself.
Founded in the 9th century by a noblewoman known only as the Lady of Milan, herself one of Lucifer's descendant, who managed to track down every single one of his descendants, and organized them all into a single order, believing that they can all use their heritage for the good of the whole world.
Since then, the Lucifuge is working as a sort of police for the supernatural creatures, using their demonic abilities to keep some sort of peace between the supernaturals and mortals.
Unlike most other hunters, the Lucifuge actually tend to treat supernatural beings with some degree of respect, carefully investigating each of them as an individual on a case-to-case basis, and going only after those who have crossed the line. At the same time, they are capable of actually protecting innocent supernaturals from unjustified aggression.
The Lady of Milan is meanwhile still alive, not looking a single day older since the Conspiracy's founding.

Malleus Maleficarum
Also known as the Inquisition.
Officially formed by the Vatican to hunt for heretics, it's bases was actually formed in the 16th century by a minor Bishop, after he fled his enslavement by a vampire. With the pope's agreement, he formed a special army of priests, monks, and knights to battle vampires, witches, demons, and other horrors the world has to offer.
Each one of them wields powers given to them by God (which makes them the closest to the Hunters from the old World of Darkness), enabling them to preform miracles akin to those preformed by the saints.
What many don't know, is that the Bishop who founded them is still alive, gaining eternal life by drinking the blood of vampires, and that he has become an ally of the Lady of Milan.

Task Force: VALKYRIE
Founded by high-ranking officers of the US military (without the president's knowledge) during WW2, the Task Force was created in order to deal with the many occult projects headed by Nazi Germany.
It remains active until this day, dealing with supernatural threats to the nation.
Armed with the most advanced technology known to humanity, and trained for combat against opponents who's powers often defy logic, they work for the American government (without the government even knowing), but they also do occasional work for hire for America's allies.

The Cainite Heresy
Introduced in "Night Stalkers."
The members of this conspiracy are no longer human.
It has it's roots back in the 4th century, ancient Rome, as a Christian ghoul cult. Ghouls were once humans, who got infused with vampire blood, and were forced to serve the vampires a their slaves.
The cult was originally constructed by vampires, claiming that the Mark of Cain was in fact a blessing rather than a curse, that elevated Cain and his descendants above the rest of humanity. They go on that Jesus is in fact the shepherd preparing the human flock to be feasted upon by the children of Cain, the vampires themselves.
The ghouls eventually rebelled against their masters, and have lead a holy war against vampires since.
One of the Conspiracy's strengths is that despite fighting vampires for so long, the vampires themselves do not know of their existence. If a vampire encounters a group of the Conspiracy's hunters, and triumphs, they'll merely brush them of as some rag-tag-bunch of rogue ghouls. If they loose, well then they don't live to tell the tale, and the other vampires will probably attribute their death to one of the many other enemies the vampires have. And the Cainites themselves like it this way, and do everything in their strength to remain obscure.
In addition to being ghouls (which includes eternal youth, super strength, and regeneration), the members of the Cainite Heresy also practice blood sorcery, which is the only thing they deem worthy of passing on. In general, the Loyalists of Thule, the Lucifuge, and Malleus Maleficarum know more about the history of the Cainite heresy than the Cainites themselves. The founders were killed centuries ago, an nobody bothered to give the newly recruited ghouls a history lesson. They don't mind, all that matters is destroying vampires.

Les Mystères
Introduced in "Spirit Slayers."
At first glance resembling more a compact than a conspiracy. Les Mystères is a very loose alliance of cults from all around the world, ranging from new-age-hippies, to christian doomsday cults, to UFO cults. Yest they all share a common history.
Dating back to Africa during the stone-age, people with the ability to speak to spirits from various tribes, would often come together to exchange their experiences and teach one another. This tradition lasted throughout the millennia, until the rise of American slave-trade caused several of these "spirit emissaries" to be captured and brought overboard. Yet thanks to the spirits, they would not loose the contact with their peers. What's more, they came into contact with the spirit speakers native to America, as well as those coming from Europe and from China, causing the exchange of experience and techniques to become even greater than before. They would then pass their knowledge onto others, making them a part of their ever growing "spirit network."
Nowadays they are the most massive Conspiracy on Earth, even if not a very organised one. Each of the cults that's part of Les Mystères has it's own beliefs. Some believe they are talking with aliens, others believe it's the angels speaking, or even The Great Old Ones, but in reality they all talk to the same spirits, who connect them throughout the world.
Les Mystères has frequent, brutal clashes with werewolves, who prefer to keep spirits and mortals separated. In addition to werewolves, some of the cultists also police their area for supernatural disturbances that could endanger their brethren.
The members of Les Mystères poses the unique ability to merge with a spirit, gaining all the powers a possessed person would, but remaining in full control throughout the whole ordeal.

Knights of Saint George
Introduced in "Witch Finders."
Are to the Anglican Church what Malleus Maleficarum is to the Catholics.
Officially founded by Richard the Lionheart, the order's history reaches much further into the past, older than Chrisitanity or any other Abrahamic faith.
Appearing during the rise of the Sumerian civilization, they were a loosely organized group known informally as the Dragon Slayers. Appeasing the "faceless angels" by preventing the awakening of "the dragons," powerful and destructive beings sleeping at the bottom to an abyss bellow the world. As they believe that the excessive use of magic disturbs the dragons' slumber, they frequently find themselves battling wizards, as well as other supernatural beings, mostly because they have problems telling the difference.
It was during one of these missions that the Dragon Slayers saved the life of King Richard the Lionheart, who in turn joined their ranks, and officially declared them his knights, naming them after the Saint George, a dragon slayer from Christian tradition.
Since then the Knights of Saint George remained bound to the English royal family, even as the dynasties changed, and became a part of the Anglican Church after the English Reformation.
Nowadays officially serving the Anglican Church, their main mission still remains. The most recent awakening, which took place on the 30th of June, 1908, in the Tunguska region of Russia just proves how important it is.
The Dragon Slayers poses the ability to wield the power of the Faceless Angels as their own, as well as summoning demons and binding them to their will.

aka the "Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit"
Introduced in the source-book "Slasher."
Founded in 1953 as a division of the FBI, specialized in the pursuit of serial killers. After several clashes with suspects possessing supernatural abilities, the unit had to adapt. With the aid of secret government research, the unit got access to a special serum, that can not only awaken a person's latent psychic powers, but can also increase them beyond the limits of an ordinary psychic.
While the unit is still primarily focusing on it's original purpose of hunting serial killers (mundane or supernatural), they also tend to be called on to investigate supernatural related crimes, as well as work with the Interpol.
A special prison, located in Missouri, was built to contain supernaturally empowered criminals. It's existence (just as the full extent of VASCU activities) only known to the most high-ranking members of the FBI.

In addition to these groups, there in one more, working under the same rule-set, but following a completely different purpose.

The Hunt Club
Introduced in "Slasher."
The Hunt Club is technically a Tier 2 organisation, a Compact.
However, there is a reason why it was not categorized among those.
Ironically, the Hunt Club are not hunters, they are serial killers.
They poses the same ability to evade morality degeneration as the hunters, but while those use it to explore, fight, or protect the supernatural, the Hunt Club uses it for the purpose of murder. Due to this, a member of The Club can essentially skin a baby alive in front of it's mother, and then beat her to death with it's bloody corpse, and yet their morality will still be much higher than your's, you damn mongrel!
The club was founded during the late 19th century in London. Each one of them is old-money. They have connections to judges, politicians, and the law-enforcement, making sure that no-matter what they do, they'll get away with it. It is believed that Jack the Ripper was a member.
The Club runs a yearly competition for the best killer. Quality ranks over quantity. Having a single person choke on their own eye-balls, will score you higher than walking into a McDonalds and shooting everyone with an Uzi.
Sometimes they'll go after supernaturals to make stuff more interesting, but humans remain the main prey.

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i'd just like to say, i love these little avatars for all the different splat types, me and my friend actually played a game with this one, where i'd show him the image and he had to guess which compacts and conspiracies were which. 

just a suggestion, you think maybe you could do slasher undertakings? or if not I could see about doing them for you, admittedly slashers are more or less represented in the hunt club, and undertakings are kind of different then compacts/conspiracies, seemings, clans, ect.

Either way, great work, love looking at these things.
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