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Leviathan the Tempest - Strains by Sekele Leviathan the Tempest - Strains by Sekele
made with [link]

Leviathan the Tempest is a fan-made World of Darkness splat-book, believed to have been created on a dare to introduce the Creature from the Black Lagoon into the setting (alto that niche is theoretically filled by the Brine Born, who were introduced in the source-book "War Against The Pure".) It has since grown to heavily include mythology (especially Sumerian and Abrahamic) and the works of H.P. Lovecraft.
The splat is still in development at the point I'm writing this, but the stuff that's already finished can be found here [link]

The origin story goes back into the past. Way back before even Atlantis existed. The world was but an abyss, the Primordial Waters that span from one end of eternity to another. At the bottom of the abyss was the formless chaos of Tiamat, the mother. She spawned seven offspring. Bahamut, Dagon, Lahamu, Nu, Oceanus, Tannin, and Thalassa, collectively known as the Progenitors, who's bodies reached the size of continents.
Their movement helped to create the first dry land, which would then become inhabited by new life-forms that evolved bellow the Progenitors' notice. These new life-forms would be seen as mere food and toys by the Progenitors, until humanity came along.
Humans weren't too happy with their place in the food-chain, and fully intended to do something about it. They began creating new gods that would take the Progenitors' place, and protect them from their wrath. It culminated with the god Marduk slaying Tiamat and casting her corpse down the abyss. He then one by one killed all of the Progenitors, and with the help of the other gods closed the abyss and gave the world a consistent shape.
Human civilization grew literally on top of the rotting carcasses of the Progenitors.
But the Progenitors gave humanity a farewell gift. Before their demise, they unleashed their seed upon humanity, making sure that their legacy lives on as a curse.
The Leviathan's blood is subtle. Within a single family, only one child in several centuries might show signs of their heritage, making it difficult to track the bloodline down. The direct offspring of a Leviathan are Lahmasu, hybrid creatures serving their parent.
When the Leviathan blood is awakened in a child (happens when they enter puberty), they go through a slow, horrific transformation, both physical and mental, becoming the same alien monstrosities as the Progenitors. The older a leviathan is, the larger and more inhuman they become. It is believed that if one lived long enough, it would achieve the same size as the Progenitors, but so far each one has met a bloody end before anyone could find out. If a Leviathan holds on to their humanity hard enough, they can temporarily re-assume their human form, but this becomes increasingly difficult the older they get.

The Leviathans divide themselves into seven Strains, each derived from one of the progenitors.

The 7 Strains are:

Descendants of Bahamut, the largest of the Leviathans. Physically, they tend to resemble whales the most, as the sea's largest inhabitants. Most of the time, they tend to be passive, constructing a lair at the bottom of sea tranches of deep lakes, capable of going centuries without motion. However shall they be disturbed, their wrath can reach a magnitude of apocalyptic proportions.
When living among mortals, they tend to be surprisingly involved in the community, and are extremely protective of their fellow people and territory.
They are commonly associated with the vice of Sloth.

The children of Dagon, very fertile, but often sickly. They compensate for their lack in physical strength (at least by Leviathan standards) by their great manipulation skills and cold-blooded efficiency. Their bodies take on the form of fish and other creatures found living in the deepest and darkest trenches and abysses in the ocean. Large black eyes, transparent and glowing flesh, and large gaping maws filled with needle-like teeth are common with this Strain.
The Dagonites are fanatically devoted to the survival of their bloodline at any cost, using any given opportunity to produce more offspring, not caring for things like consent. Once they mutate far enough, they gain the ability to reproduce asexually, which ultimately results with the nearby waters soon becoming swarmed with feral Lahmasu.
When living within a human community, Dagonites tend to form large cults around themselves, forcing the mortals to worship them as gods, while they can micromanage their cultists' lives.
The vice of Pride is attributed to this Strain.

The Strain descended from Lahamu. They prefer careful information gathering, subtle manipulation, and secrecy to open displays of power. This leads some of their enemies to think they are cowardly and weak, but in reality they are the greatest warriors among the Leviathans. Lahamin bloodlines produce Leviathans with the smallest frequency, which makes this Strain particularly rare. The mere presence of a Lahamin can cause a society to spiral down into chaos, with little effort on the Leviathan's side.
The true forms of the Lahamin tend to combine traits of multiple spineless lifeforms that can be found living on the sea-floor. Including worms, squids, snails, trilobites, and shellfish among many others.
They represent the vice of Envy.

Descendants of Nu, the most ancient of the Progenitors, and are the most alien of the Strains. They hold a strong bond with the element of water, their bodies themselves being made almost completely out of it, in a manner similar to jellyfish or tadpoles in their earliest stages.
They tend to be connected with the vice of Gluttony.

Children of Oceanus. The members of the Strain value power over everything else, any sort of power. Merely having control oven an individuals life can have great value to an Oceanid. It is believed that Oceanus himself lasted the longest of all the Progenitors when facing down Marduk.
The bodies of the Oceanids resemble the fish and other life-forms living alongside coral reefs, and are considered the most beautiful among the Leviathans.
They are highly competitive, driven to prove their superiority over everyone else. When living with humans, they prefer high society, and they always demand to be the center of attention.
They are associated with the vice of Lust.

The Spawn of Tannin. The most violent of all the Strains, they often show tendencies towards vigilante justice. In their private lives, the Tanninim prefer strict discipline and a rigid routine, and often violently enforce these on their surroundings as well.
In their monstrous forms, they combine the aspects of multiple sea predators, their bodies equipped with all the weapons nature can provide.
Their vice is Wrath.

The heirs of Thalassa are known for their immense willpower. Another thing they are known for is hoarding immense treasures in their lairs.
They take on the features of creatures with exoskeletons, such as crabs, lobsters, diving beetles, water spiders, or trilobites.
When living in a human community, the Thalassans assume leadership roles and systematically drill the community into becoming wealthy and prosperous, using people's selfishness to motivate them into working together.
It's therefore understandable that the Strain is associated with the vice of Greed.

other races:
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GuiltyFlare Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015
do you know if they have made a pdf of the splat yet?
Sekele Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015
not that I know 
GuiltyFlare Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015
Sekele Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015
Un1c0rny Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I love the way you personified each of the Strains... Leviathan might be my favorite nWoD game (and yes, that's counting Changeling, Demon, Geist, and Mage).
Sekele Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
was Leviathan ever properly finished? 
Un1c0rny Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I think it is playable (although I'd prefer it if someone had made a character sheet for it) and even has descriptions of the appropriate art on here:…

Beyond that, I haven't seen any recent updates for it, and it seems like with Beast coming out, a lot of the same themes minus the under water focus are going to be used.
Sekele Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2015
yeah, it seems like the Beasts are gonna take their shtick 

even tho I prefere to think of that line more like Nightmare on the Elm Street 
kaaslave Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013
Awesome concept. ;)

Y'know something? I miss White Wolf's Aeonverse/Trinity line, the one with the sci-fi/superhero games. Too bad it never proved all that popular...I'd've liked to see it get the WoD 2.0 treatment.
Sekele Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
yeah, I myself know very little about the Trinity universe
kaaslave Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
Oh, well...
Sekele Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
sadly, not everything becomes a hit, even if it might deserve it
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