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Werewolf the Forsaken - Tribes by Sekele Werewolf the Forsaken - Tribes by Sekele
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The werewolves in this version are the Uratha, a completely different race from the Garou of the classic setting.
The Uratha trace their history back to the ancient land of Pangaea, a world where spirits roam free, only kept in line by Father Wolf, a powerful wolf spirits. He won the favor of the moon spirit Luna, and together they brought the eight original Uratha into the world.
But things couldn't last. Five of Father Wolf's offspring thought him weak, and no longer able to keep the other spirits in line. They banded together, and slew Father Wolf. Their actions lead to the shattering of Pangaea, and the physical and spirit world's being separated. Luna, enraged at the actions of her children cast all the Uratha out, and placed a curse upon them that would cause silver (her sacred metal) to destroy therm with a simple touch.
The five Uratha who originally participated in Father Wolf's murder, now known as "the Forsaken", later seek forgiveness from Luna, in exchange for taking over Father Wolf's duties of policing the spirits. Luna accepted, and lessened the curse's effect on them (so instead of silver destroying them through touch, now it "only" poison's them when it enters their blood), turning them into the guardians of the barrier between the world of mortals and the world of spirits.
However the three who did not participate in Father Wolf's murder grew bitter. They felt unjustifiably punished for a crime they did not commit, and so they did not seek any forgiveness. Referring to themselves as "the Pure," still cast out from the spirit world and suffering from the full effect of the curse, but boasting superior numbers of offspring, they are out for bloody revenge on their brethren.

Each werewolf is born into one of the five auspices, cases that determine their role in society (Rahu - warriors; Cahalith - bards; Elodoth - judges; Ithaeur - shamans; Irraka - hunters), being given special powers by Luna to help them to fulfill their tasks. The Pure tribes however have a ritual which removes ones auspice, largely developed as a way for the Pure to severe their ties to Luna.
Regardless of who his ancestor may have been, an Uratha has the choice of joining one of the tribes founded by one of the eight Firstborn, who'll also grant a part of their power to the members.

There are 5 "Forsaken" tribes. They are intended as the primary player characters.

the tribes are:

Blood Talons
Founded by the Fenris Wolf.
A militant tribe that values physical prowess and courage over everything else.
“Offer no surrender that you would not accept.”

Bone Shadows
Founded by the Death Wolf.
A tribe with strong ties to mysticism. They study both the Spirit world and the world of the dead. They often serve as diplomats between the living and the spirits and ghosts.
“Pay each spirit in kind”

Hunters in Darkness
Founded by the Black Wolf.
They are dedicating to the protection of sacred places. They often do so through acting as environmentalists or historians.
“Let no sacred place in your territory be violated.”

Iron Masters
Founded by the Red Wolf.
A tribe that chose the modern cities as their territory rather than the country and wilderness. They are more in touch with human culture, and keep track with modern science and technology.
“Honor your territory in all things.”

Storm Lords
Founded by the Winter Wolf.
Consider themselves the leaders of the Forsaken. They value leadership and strategy the most, but also put great emphasis on one's pride and honor.
“Allow no one to witness or to tend your weakness.”

Ghost Wolves
A sixth option for the player. Ghost Wolves are werewolves who aren't members of any tribe. They don't posses any of the advantages given to one by tribe membership, having to rely only on ones auspice.
They are however still very likely to ally themselves with the Forsaken tribes.

There are also 3 "Pure" tribes, who are intended primarily as enemy NPC's. The source book "The Pure" does introduce rules for playing as them, alto they should be only played by experienced players.
Their members have cut their ties with Luna, and therefore have no auspices, having to rely purely on the powers given to them by their respective Firstborn.

the tribes are:

The Fire-Touched
Founded by the Rabid Wolf.
They serve as the priests and preachers of the Pure tribes. They are known for frequently converting werewolves from other tribes to their cause. They are effectively the leaders of the Pure.

Ivory Claws
Founded by the Silver Wolf
The Pure tribe with the closest ties to humanity. They are frequently wealthy land-owners that hold influential position in human society. They are obsessed with the purity of their bloodline, sometimes leading to slight degeneration.

Predator Kings
Founded by the Dire Wolf.
The most animalistic of all the werewolf tribes, despising and rejecting humanity in all of it's form. They mostly function as a stone-age, at most a bronze-age society, only using goods crafted by werewolves of the pure tribes, involving as little human technology as possible. They serve as the elite troops of the Pure.

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yamiblade Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
you forgot the Bale Hounds
Sekele Featured By Owner May 20, 2013
I actually did makes one for the Bale Hounds, but I ultimately didn't use it , because they aren't meant as playable characters
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